We thank you for visiting AMEN  website.

AMEN Foundation was established by Multiple Myeloma patients for the sake of MM patients and their family members in Israel.

AMEN operates mainly in Hebrew, but we strive to enable English speaking MM paitiants to benefit from our activities.

Among AMEN’s targets are the following:

• Distribution of information about Multiple Myeloma to all the patients.
• Communications and cooperation with all the medical centers for the benefit of the patients.
• Activity for the welfare of the MM patients and their families.
• Accompanying new patients in their first steps with MM.
• Research activity in the area of MM.

Being in contact with Amen ensures an “almost familial” belonging to the Myeloma patients community, direct and regular communication with other patients, and advice and directions to sources of knowledge and experience about the disease, medications, support, social security and other authorities.

In order to establish the first connection with us, please refere to  contact us at this site (in Hebrew)
or call us at: 0522 – 262326.
You may also use the  printed contact form.

All details provided  will be maintained for our contact purposes and will not be passed on to any other cause without authorization.


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